Divine Love

Divino amor

An evangelical group fight to uphold the sanctity of marriage in this altogether different kind of science fiction story.

Dir Gabriel Mascaro
Prod Rachel Daisy Ellis
Scr Gabriel Mascaro, Rachel Daisy Ellis, Lucas Paraizo, Esdras Bezerra
With Dia Praes, Julio Machado
Sales Memento Films International
With English subtitles

Brazil, 2027. Joana is a civil servant working with clients seeking a divorce. A devout believer in the institution of marriage, she does what she can to persuade quarrelling couples to give it another go, turning to the unorthodox methods of her religious group Divino Amor. But things are not plain sailing at home. Try as they may, Joana and her husband Danilo remain childless, despite their staunch efforts to conceive. Becoming increasingly reliant on her local 24-hour drive-through priest service, Joana is fast giving up hope, until one day a miracle happens. Alive with vibrant style and playful humour, Gabriel Mascaro’s salvation story is a work of almost infinite pleasures. But beneath the neon-soaked veneer, lies a pressing critique on the allure of faith and the rise of conservative values in contemporary Brazil.

Michael Blyth

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This is a 18+ screening.