Distant Constellation

Residents of a retirement home in Istanbul share their memories in this arresting and artful documentary.


Dir Shevaun Mizrahi
Prod Shelly Grizim, Deniz Buga
Sales Cinephil

In an Istanbul retirement home, residents reminisce over the past as relentless construction work and constant change takes place outside. In her striking documentary debut, photographer Shevaun Mizrahi sketches a series of charming and idiosyncratic portraits of the residential home’s inhabitants. They include a woman who escaped the Armenian Genocide, a libidinous pianist, a blind photographer who carries his camera everywhere and two men who travel endlessly up and down an elevator. The stories they tell are intensely personal. With an arresting visual style that employs long, beautifully framed takes, Mizrahi’s camera lingers in and around the building, a place where time seems to have stopped. It’s a contrast to life outside, where young men are busy building a new high rise and worrying about the present. Juxtaposing these two distinct worlds, Mizrahi playfully ponders on existential themes, including the unavoidable passage of age and time.

Laure Bonville

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  • Shevaun Mizrahi, Director

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