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  • The Australian Dream

    Dir Daniel Gordon | Australia

    A thought-provoking documentary about the Australian Rules football star Adam Goodes that raises crucial questions about casual racism.

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  • By the Grace of God

    Dir-Scr François Ozon | France

    In one of his (seemingly) most straightforward but finest films yet, François Ozon deals very movingly with a real-life case of multiple child abuse.

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  • Citizen K

    Dir-Scr Alex Gibney | USA-UK

    Multiple award-winning documentarian Alex Gibney returns with a fascinating exploration of the contemporary Russian political landscape and a portrait of oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

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  • Clemency

    Dir-Scr Chinonye Chukwu | USA

    Alfre Woodard is quietly devastating as a weary prison warden presiding over her twelfth execution, in this Sundance-winning death row drama.

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  • County Lines

    Dir-Scr Henry Blake | UK

    Drawing on real-life cases, this is a controlled and disquieting drama about a 14-year-old London boy being used as a mule by nationwide drug traffickers.

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  • Desrances

    Dir-Scr Apolline Traoré | Burkina Faso

    Civil war looms in Abidjan and relations begin to fray within a family in this tense and atmospheric thriller.

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  • The Girl with a Bracelet

    Dir-Scr Stéphane Demoustier | France-Belgium

    Family relations and social expectations are compellingly picked apart in this French courtroom drama about a teenager caught in the spotlight of a murder case.

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  • A Hidden Life

    Dir-Scr Terrence Malick | Germany-USA

    Terrence Malick returns with a call for grace in this Second World War-set true story exploring the importance of unsung resistance.

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  • Hope Frozen

    Dir-Prod Pailin Wedel | Thailand-USA

    Pailin Wedel’s award-winning documentary is an emotional chronicle of parents doing what they believe is best for their child, no matter what the cost.

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  • Just Mercy

    Dir Destin Daniel Cretton | USA

    Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx excel in this powerful and impassioned death row drama based on real events.

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  • Luce

    Dir Julius Onah | USA

    This gripping psychological thriller about subjectivity and code-switching in modern America marks Julius Onah (The Cloverfield Paradox) as one of cinema’s most thrilling emerging voices.

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  • Lynn + Lucy

    Dir-Scr Fyzal Boulifa | UK

    A lifelong friendship is tested by tragedy in this atmospheric and intense first feature from acclaimed British shorts director Fyzal Boulifa.

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  • Made in Bangladesh

    Dir Rubaiyat Hossain | Bangladesh-France-Denmark-Portugal

    How do you learn to speak out when everyone expects you to be silent? In a Bangladeshi factory, a determined young woman discovers the possibilities of activism.

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  • Martin Eden

    Dir Pietro Marcello | Italy-France-Germany

    An original, stylistically dazzling and ambitious Italian adaptation of Jack London’s autobiographical novel about a self-taught and outspoken working-class writer who climbs the ranks of society.

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  • Mr. Jones

    Dir Agnieszka Holland | Poland-Ukraine-UK

    James Norton stars as Welsh journalist Gareth Jones whose 1930s visit to Soviet Ukraine uncovered the truth of Stalin’s state-sponsored famine and reputedly inspired George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

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  • Noura’s Dream

    Dir-Scr Hinde Boujemaa | Tunisia-Belgium-France-Qatar

    Noura and Lassad’s delicate love story turns into a nightmare when Noura’s husband Sofiane is unexpectedly released from prison, days before their divorce is finalised.

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  • The Report

    Dir-Scr Scott Z Burns | USA

    The American government takes a long hard look at itself in this politically urgent drama starring Adam Driver.

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  • Rewind

    Dir Sasha Joseph Neulinger | USA

    Through unflinching interviews and home video footage, Sasha Joseph Neulinger’s powerful and frank film investigates the history of his childhood trauma.

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  • Seberg

    Dir Benedict Andrews | USA

    Kristen Stewart shines as an idealistic yet fragile Jean Seberg in this impressive new work from Una (LFF 2016) director Benedict Andrews.

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  • A Son

    Dir-Scr Mehdi M Barsaoui | France-Tunisia-Lebanon-Qatar

    Challenging your emotions at every turn, Mehdi M Barsaoui’s debut is a riveting ride in which the euphoria of a family trip quickly turns into a nightmare.

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  • Staff Only

    Dir Neus Ballús | Spain-France

    Neus Ballús’ second feature (after docudrama The Plague) follows a Spanish teenager who is forced to consider her whiteness on a family holiday in Senegal.

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  • The Street

    Dir-Prod Zed Nelson | UK

    The working-class community of Hoxton Street face the upheavals of gentrification, austerity and the eruption of Brexit, in this portrait of a rapidly changing London.

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  • Tell Me Who I Am

    Dir Ed Perkins | UK

    UK-based director Ed Perkins follows his Oscar-nominated documentary short Black Sheep with a potent and troubling exploration of trauma, identity and redemption.

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  • The Valley

    Dir Nuno Escudeiro | Italy-France

    On the idyllic mountainous border of France and Italy, local residents are self-organising in order to help refugees, while law enforcers adopt underhand methods to intervene.

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  • Waiting for the Barbarians

    Dir Ciro Guerra | Italy

    Ciro Guerra follows Birds of Passage with an allegorical epic penned by JM Coetzee, starring Mark Rylance, Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson.

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  • Wasp Network

    Dir-Scr Olivier Assayas | France-Brazil-Spain-Belgium

    Olivier Assayas takes us deep into the world of Cuban spies in Florida, in this 1990s-set espionage drama with a sting in its tail.

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  • Workforce

    Dir-Scr David Zonana | Mexico

    Produced by Michel Franco, this gripping tale focuses on construction site workers who take matters into their own hands when their bosses ignore their requests.

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