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Films in Dare

In-your-face, up-front and arresting: films that take you out of your comfort zone.

Dare gala

  • Judy & Punch

    Dir-Scr Mirrah Foulkes | Australia

    Writer/Director Mirrah Foulkes delivers an audaciously brilliant first feature, with Mia Wasikowska splendid in this fairy tale with a feminist twist.

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Feature films

  • Beanpole

    Dir Kantemir Balagov | Russia

    Two women who survive active service in the Second World War try to reconstruct their lives in post-war Leningrad, in Kantemir Balagov’s extraordinary award-winning second feature.

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  • Burning Cane

    Dir-Scr Phillip Youmans | USA

    Winner of the top prize at the Tribeca Film Festival, contemporary Southern gothic Burning Cane heralds 19-year-old director Phillip Youmans as a serious new talent.

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  • Divine Love

    Dir Gabriel Mascaro | Brazil-Uruguay-Chile-Denmark-Norway-Sweden

    An evangelical group fight to uphold the sanctity of marriage in this altogether different kind of science fiction story.

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  • Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

    Dir J-P Valkeapää | Finland-Latvia

    A dominatrix offers an emotionally paralysed widower an unexpected chance for sexual and psychological release in this playful dark comedy.

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  • Don’t Look Down

    Dir-Scr Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau | France

    Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau return with an elegant and intimate drama about love and revenge, crafted with dramatic intensity and visual dazzle.

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  • Eternal Beauty

    Dir-Scr Craig Roberts | UK

    Sally Hawkins is a schizophrenic woman coping with a hallucinatory existence in Craig Roberts’ bold, sometimes hilarious and disturbing exploration of mental illness.

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  • Family Romance, LLC

    Dir-Scr Werner Herzog | USA

    Werner Herzog is on typically thought-provoking form, dramatising the work of a ‘rent-a-relative’ service, in this Tokyo-set meditation on contemporary alienation.

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  • Fire Will Come

    Dir Oliver Laxe | Spain-France-Luxembourg

    A pyromaniac returns to his mother’s farm in Oliver Laxe’s visually jaw-dropping study of the Galician landscape.

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  • Ghost Town Anthology

    Dir-Scr Denis Côté | Canada

    Denis Coté’s latest uses superb camerawork, imaginative sound and pleasing narrative ambiguities to explore a community’s response to a local’s death.

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  • I Lost My Body

    Dir Jérémy Clapin | France

    A severed hand searches for its owner in this striking animation, which grabbed the Grand Prize at the Cannes Critics' Week.

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  • Little Joe

    Dir Jessica Hausner | Austria-UK-Germany

    Jessica Hausner’s first English-language feature is a pleasingly cool, witty and unsettling story of the pitfalls of placing too much trust in everyday science.

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  • Love Me Tender

    Dir Klaudia Reynicke | Switzerland

    Klaudia Reynicke’s second feature is a portrait of a rebellious young woman who must push her limits to gain freedom and independence.

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  • The Man Who Cuts Tattoos

    Dir-Scr Michael Omonua | Nigeria

    Across two crucial periods in Nigerian history, two young women must ponder the painful sacrifices they are forced to make for love.

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  • The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea

    Dir Syllas Tzoumerkas | Greece-Germany-Netherlands-Sweden

    Greek Weird Wave auteur Syllas Tzoumerkas returns with a visually dazzling, narratively dizzying and genre-defying murder mystery set in a depressed seaside town.

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  • The Painted Bird

    Dir-Prod-Scr Václav Marhoul | Czech Republic-Slovakia-Ukraine

    Based on Jerzy Kosiński’s 1965 novel and a long time in the making, Václav Marhoul’s extraordinary The Painted Bird finds a lone Jewish boy on a dark odyssey towards home during wartime.

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  • The Sharks

    Dir-Scr Lucía Garibaldi | Uruguay-Argentina-Spain

    An intriguing coming-of-age tale is presented through the allegorical prism of an environmental incident.

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  • System Crasher

    Dir-Scr Nora Fingscheidt | Germany

    An intensive drama about a pre-pubescent girl who actually crashes Germany’s child and welfare system whilst on her quest for love and security.

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  • This Is Not Berlin

    Dir Hari Sama | Mexico

    A young man’s life is turned upside down when he discovers the underground club scene of Mexico City.

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  • Tlamess

    Dir-Scr Ala Eddine Slim | Tunisia-France

    Ala Eddine Slim’s mesmerising second feature is as bold in its audio-visual wonder as it is audacious in its challenge to conventional narratives.

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  • Tremors

    Dir-Scr Jayro Bustamante | Guatemala-France-Luxembourg

    Award-winning director Jayro Bustamante (whose La Llorona also features in the Official Competition) presents a complex and provocative portrait of queer identity in Guatemala.

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  • Vitalina Varela

    Dir Pedro Costa | Portugal

    Portuguese maestro Pedro Costa returns with another poetic portrait of Lisbon’s Cape Verdean community, focusing on one woman’s sorrows and survivor spirit.

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  • Waves

    Dir-Scr Trey Edward Shults | USA

    Following Krisha and It Comes at Night, Trey Edward Shultz continues to impress with one of the year's most dazzling cinematic achievements, a study of a family's dramatic unravelling and redemption.

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  • A White, White Day

    Dir-Scr Hlynur Pálmason | Iceland-Denmark-Sweden

    Iceland’s finest actor Ingvar Sigurðsson gives a heart-breaking and Cannes award-winning performance as widowed cop who becomes increasingly obsessed with his wife’s death.

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  • Zombi Child

    Dir-Scr Bertrand Bonello | France

    The latest provocation from Bertrand Bonello (Nocturama, LFF 2016) splices Haitian history and folklore with contemporary life at an elite girls’ boarding school in Paris.

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