From the mind-altering and unclassifiable to fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

The Beast

Léa Seydoux wanders through a maze of past, present and uncertain future in Bertrand Bonello’s audacious blend of period drama and conceptual crystal-gazing.

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein gets a new lease of life in this chilling morality tale from debut director Laura Moss.

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Late Night with the Devil

Like Ghostwatch reimagined as a cheesy 1970s chat show, this deviously clever found-footage horror has scares to spare.

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Nightwatch – Demons Are Forever

This journey into the Nightwatch universe will appeal to both newcomers and fans, and features cracking turns from Fanny Bornedal, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Kim Bodnia.

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Red Rooms

The allure of the serial killer is explored in this deeply unsettling and unforgettable exploration of the impact of extreme violence.

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Aptly subtitled: Or, the incredibly strange rise and fall of the world’s wildest cinema and how it influenced a mixed-up generation of weirdos and misfits.

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This eerie, utterly compelling British horror centres on a filmmaker spiralling into a nightmare of delusions after the death of her domineering mother.

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Vincent Must Die

Stéphan Castang’s darkly paranoid comedy shades into an apocalyptic nightmare, as a man suddenly finds himself a universal victim.

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