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The Climb

The vertiginous ups and downs in two men’s friendship spans several years and outrageous events in this award-winning US indie comedy.

Dir Michael Angelo Covino
Prod Noah Lang, Michael Angelo Covino, Kyle Marvin
Scr Michael Angelo Covino, Kyle Marvin
With Kyle Marvin, Michael Angelo Covino, Gayle Rankin
UK Distribution Sony Pictures Releasing

Mike (Michael Angelo Covino) is a better cyclist than Kyle (Kyle Marvin). So, it figures that a steep French mountain is the best place to ruefully confess that he’s slept with Kyle’s fiancée, where his best friend can process this betrayal in relative solitude but can’t quite match Mike’s pedal power to take revenge. Co-writers Covino and Marvin expand their 2018 short into a comedy-drama marathon. Their time-skipping vignettes, frequently realised in ambitious single takes, reveal an often toxic and occasionally balm-like co-dependency. Imbuing traditional comic set-pieces – family Christmas, disastrous bachelor party, interrupted wedding – with genuine cinematic flair, The Climb expertly shifts gears between full-blooded slapstick and wince-inducing studies of romantic and fraternal relationships, which sometimes crash but always seem to find the friends getting back in the saddle.

Leigh Singer

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