La Vie de château

Bustling with African hair salons, this is a sprightly-paced drama set in the working-class area of Paris around the Château d’Eau metro station.


Dir Modi Barry, Cédric Ido
Prod Christophe Barral, Toufik Ayadi
Scr Modi Barry, Cédric Ido, Joseph Denize
With Jacky Ido, Tatiana Rojo, Jean-Baptiste Anoumon
Sales mk2 films

Life around the Château d’Eau metro station, in a working-class area of Paris, is captivatingly seen through the eyes of the employees and clientele of the African hair salons located there. To make a living, the hairdressers rely on hustlers to get their customers. Dapperly dressed Charles (Jacky Ido), nicknamed the Prince, heads the group that cajoles potential clients. His unbridled charisma and years of experience – knowing the best areas to attract people with money to spend – have made him the undisputed leader. But Charles has dreams of his own – settling down and owning Mourat’s (Ahmet Zirek) failing barber shop. However, life becomes complicated when a new hustler appears on the scene, whose aggressive tactics threaten Charles’ monopoly. With its restless camerawork, Château balances this kaleidoscopic portrait of daily life with a more general homage to the French capital, and the resourcefulness and vivacity of the people who live in it.

Keith Shiri

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • Modi Barry, Director; Cédric Ido, Director; Jacky Ido, Cast

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