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The Cannibal Club

O Clube dos Canibais

The wealthy elite feed off the lower classes in a deliciously twisted Brazilian social satire that’s definitely not for the squeamish.

Dir-Scr Guto Parente
Prod Ticiana Augusto Lima
With Ana Luiza Rios, Tavinho Teixeira, Zé Maria
UK Distribution Matchbox Films Ltd

Beneath the respectable façade of their privileged existence, affluent married couple Otavio and Gilda hide a very dark secret: a penchant for murdering and then eating their hired help. Their macabre fetish is one celebrated by the Cannibal Club, a secret society of like-minded elites run by powerful businessman Borges, of which Otavio is a long-standing member. But the tables dramatically turn when Gilda accidentally stumbles upon a secret about Borges, and the carnivorous couple suddenly find themselves the hunted. A tasty mix of grisly horror, pitch-black comedy and biting political satire, Guto Parente (whose other film My Own Private Hell screened at this year’s BFI Flare) has prepared a dish of sex and violence so wickedly perverse, it might just put you off your dinner.

Michael Blyth

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