• Directors

    Tim Travers Hawkins, Celia Aniskovich

  • Producer

    Celia Aniskovich

  • UK-USA 2021. 110min

  • Sales

    MRC Entertainment

  • Language


Ever wondered how not to run a music festival? Woodstock ’99 makes Fyre Festival look a walk in the park. As the millennium drew to a close, a generation partied in a booming economy. Riding that high, festival organisers cobbled together a poorly conceived rehash of an iconic cultural moment. From security, to basic needs, nothing had been properly planned. The line-up was a cocktail of 1990s pop rock and peak nu metal angry-white-man bands, including Limp Bizkit and Korn. What began as carefree revelry descended into a lethal cauldron of violence, sexual assault and carnage. Through archive footage and interviews, directors Tim Travers Hawkins and Celia Aniskovich eloquently explore the cultural shift and political context that punctuated Woodstock ’99 and the toxic white masculinity that continues to rage after it.

Sophie Brown

Contains scenes viewers may find distressing.

This film contains flashing images.

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