The Broker


Running a dating agency for single men and women in search of love, Mrs Sadri and her team face the challenges of brokering marriages in contemporary Iran.

Dir-Scr-Prod Azadi R Moghadam
Sales Maaa Film

Humour and the practicalities of everyday life dominate this lively office environment as Azadi R Moghadam observes a succession of clients detailing their situation and woes. The bubbly, no-nonsense brokers set about readjusting expectations and suggesting potential soul mates. Boasting a high success rate whilst abiding by religious conventions, the team match people according to their profiles and not their dreams. They have no qualms about spelling out uncomfortable truths – women who are taller or with a good degree are harder to match – wisdom that in turn shines an interesting light on Iranian society. Conservative yet pragmatic, they are a delightful group who have themselves lived, loved and lost. And their charm is the backbone of this fascinating documentary.

Elhum Shakerifar