Big Fish & Begonia

Da Yu Hai Tang

Exceptional animated fantasy about a girl who takes the form of a dolphin to visit the human world.


Dir-Scr Xuan Liang, Chun Zhang
Prod Changtian Wang, Xuan Liang, Chun Zhang
UK Distribution Manga Entertainment

Beneath the human world is a mystical domain whose inhabitants, once they turn 16 years old must travel through a vortex to observe mankind for a week. During this time, they are barred from direct contact with the human beings. Young Chun takes the form of a dolphin, but on her journey unwittingly finds herself in a life and death situation involving a human boy that results in her making a huge decision. Chun’s world is an incredible magical realm whose residents include a one-eyed man carried in a carriage by cats, a giant two-headed snake and a rat matron who commands her obliging vermin gang. Big Fish & Begonia is an exceptional, visually breathtaking Chinese animated fantasy, as near to the best of Studio Ghibli as you’re likely to find anywhere. Think Spirited Away meets The Little Mermaid and you’re on the right track.

Justin Johnson

Additional information

Suitable for ages 8+. With English subtitles.