Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché

This fascinating documentary, narrated by Jodie Foster, sets out to shine a spotlight on the pioneering contributions of the first female filmmaker.

Dir-Scr-Prod Pamela B Green
Sales The Film Sales Company

There remains so much history to mine in the early years of cinema. Alice Guy-Blaché is missing from most film histories and continues to be a little-known name outside academic circles. To rescue her from oblivion, first-time director Pamela B Green has embarked on a passionate mission to research Guy-Blaché’s life in order to highlight her importance as a cinematic pioneer. From her directing debut in 1896 at Parisian-based Gaumont studio and her role as head of production there, to the opening of her own studio and subsequent career in the US, Guy-Blaché worked as a director, producer or writer on more than 1000 films. A visionary who mastered technique, pushed the boundaries of genres and wrote progressive narratives, her influence is such that she cannot be overlooked. This is a captivating, must-see profile of the mother of cinema.

Ana David