Becoming Who I Was

Beautiful scenery abounds in this documentary about a reincarnated boy and a monk embarking on an adventurous journey from India to Tibet.


Dir-Prod Chang-yong Moon, Jin Jeon
South Korea
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A pint-sized monk attempts to reach the home he had in a former life. Young Padma Angdu is said to be the latest incarnation of a religious teacher, known as a Rinpoche. Supported by Urgyan, an elderly monk, Padma embarks on his epic journey after being expelled from the monastery in Ladakh, Northern India (‘a Rinpoche without a monastery is like an orphan’). They plan to walk to Kham in Tibet, Padma’s home in his previous life. Becoming Who I Was is a beautifully made documentary, a labour of love depicting a punishing journey, often in hazardous conditions, and portraying a fascinating bond between man and boy. Both subjects display a resilient determination in accepting their place in the world and enduring this unique and challenging journey – spiritually as well as geographically.

Justin Johnson

Additional information

Suitable for ages 8+. With English subtitles. An actor will read out the subtitles via headphones for younger audiences.