Bad Lucky Goat

A Colombian coming-of-age comedy set on a gloriously eccentric Caribbean island where two squabbling siblings must cover their tracks after an unforeseen accident.


Dir-Scr Samir Oliveros.
Prod Andres Gomez
With Honlenny Huffington, Kiara Howard, Elkin Robinson

Two bickering teenagers are forced to put their differences aside when they accidentally hit a goat while running an errand for their father. Corn (Honlenny Huffington) and Rita (Kiara Howard) are in big trouble. Not only do they have to dispose of a dead goat, they also need to find a quick way of sorting out the damage to their father’s truck. That isn’t easy in a small town like the Port Paradise, where everyone knows everyone else’s business. An entertaining series of mishaps and misunderstandings take place over a 24-hour period as the warring siblings try to cover up their misdeeds, whilst ignoring the sage advice of the town’s elders. Samir Oliveros’ fresh and funny coming-of-age comedy, shot in Creole patois on the picturesque Caribbean island of Old Providence, delivers engaging performances from its two teenage leads and a fizzy plotline balancing the probable and the improbable to hilarious effect.

Maria Delgado

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  • Samir Oliveros, Director

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