All films in the programme have been restored and remastered by the BFI National Archive from original elements held within the collection. The programme will be introduced by Mika Tomita, Bryony Dixon and Michelle Facey and the musical accompaniment will be provided by Cyrus Gabrysch, Costas Fotopolous, Stephen Horne and Lillian Henley. Presented in partnership with The Kennington Bioscope, a silent film screening group based at the Cinema Museum in London.

Bryony Dixon

Total running time c. 65min

Japanese Schoolchildren

UK 1901. Warwick Trading Company

Japanese Funeral

UK 1904. Warwick Trading Company

Japanese State Procession

UK 1904. Hepworth Manufacturing Company

Picturesque Japan

France 1907. Pathé Frères

Japanese Dancers and Japanese Stave Duel

UK 1905. (unidentified)

Shooting the rapids on the River Ozu

Les Rapides de la rivière Ozu
France 1907. Pathé Frères

Japanese Festival

Grand Fête du cinquantenaire de Yokohama
France 1909. Pathé Frères

Rice industry in Japan

Récolte du riz en Japon
France 1910. FR, Pathé Frères

Rice Festival in Kyoto

France 1910. Pathé Frères

Fishing with Cormorants. Isle of Yeso, Japan

UK 1911. Charles Urban Trading Company

Japanese Types

Quelques types Japonais
France 1911. Pathé Frères

Among the Japanese

Apres midi d’une Japonaise
France 1911. Pathé Frères

London: Late Emperor of Japan

UK 1912. UK Topical Budget Company

Some Japanese Temples

A travers les temples de Kyoto
France 1912. Pathé Frères

The Ainus of Japan

US 1913. Selig Polyscope Company
Director Frederick Starr