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April’s Daughter

Las hijas de abril

The mother of all thrillers.

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Dir-Scr Michel Franco
Prod Michel Franco, Lorenzo Vigas, Moisés Zonana
With Emma Suárez, Ana Valeria Becerril, Enrique Arrizon
Sales Protagonist Pictures / mk2 films

Mexican auteur Michel Franco offers his take on the psychological thriller genre with this idiosyncratic and utterly distinctive nail-biter. Pregnant by her teenage boyfriend, 17-year-old Valeria decides to keep the news of her impending arrival a secret from April, her absent mother. But as financial and logistical hardships pile up, Valeria’s sister contacts April, who promptly shows up to offer generous love and support. But as time passes, it becomes increasingly clear why Valeria wanted to keep her mother out of the picture. As with his previous work (After Lucia, Chronic), Franco’s signature style – long static shots, detached observational distance – is present here, although this is certainly a pacier, more plot-driven film than we have previously seen from him. Flirting knowingly with genre conventions, which he both delivers on and slyly denies, there is a genuine sense throughout that anything could happen. Which makes for deliciously uncomfortable viewing.

Michael Blyth

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