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Approaching Nature

Human structures and behaviours framed in the context of the overarching natural world, considering dialogues between the ecosystem and the ways in which people live and work.

William Fowler

Find out about the 59th BFI London Film Festival Experimenta Seminar.

For an Open Campus

Directors Graham Ellard, Stephen Johnstone
UK-Japan 2015
29 mins

The remarkable ‘campus world’ of Japan’s Aichi University of the Arts is here explored on camera and through the work of its students, who produce a huge drawing and a model landscape.

Shape Shifting

Shape Shifting

Directors Elke Marhöfer, Mikhail Lylov
Japan-France-Sweden 2015
18 mins

An exploratory cartography of the landscape found in Asia and Japan known as satoyama, highlighting exchanges in forestry and agriculture between the human and the non-human.



Director Peter Todd
UK 2015
6 mins

An enlivened 16mm mediation on lush green sprouting plants and vegetation, signaling life, change and development within an urban environment otherwise preoccupied by stasis.

Gasometer 3

Gasometer 3

Director Nicky Hamlyn
UK 2015
14 mins

Relationships between energy systems, localised and national, and the weather with its own structures and rhythms are closely observed.

The Rain After

Dan hujan pun turun

The Rain After

Director Mohammad Fauzi
Indonesia 2015
12 mins

Waiting and witnessing as children pose for the camera, the viewer is confronted with a sudden change in weather.

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