• Director

    Linda Hambäck

  • Producers

    Linda Hambäck, Petter Lindblad

  • Screenwriter

    Janne Vierth

  • With

    Stellan Skarsgård, Pernilla August, Melinda Kinnaman

  • Sweden-Norway-Denmark 2021. 75min

  • Language


    With English subtitles

  • Sales

    Attraction Distribution

Eight-year-old Jonna lives at the Sunnyside Orphanage and is longing for a new home. Imagine her surprise when a large ape arrives and takes Jonna away to live in a junkyard. Despite their differences, they soon form a loving bond. Gorilla is kind hearted and has a healthy sense of justice, but her difference leads the townspeople to be suspicious and they fear for Jonna. When some of the well to do people in a restaurant look down their noses at them, our odd duo find their own way of dealing with the rudeness, but word gets back to the orphanage that Jonna is being badly treated. This beautifully told 2D animation from Linda Hambäck (Gordon and Paddy, LFF 2018) celebrates difference and diversity, and is full to the brim with heart.

Justin Johnson

Suitable for all ages.

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