• Director-Screnwriter

    Oana Lacroix

  • Producer

    Nicolas Burlet

  • Switzerland 2021. 6min

How can the animals deal with disquiet in the forest?


  • Directors

    Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl

  • Producers

    Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl, Rocky Friedman, D D Wigley, Leah Warshawski

  • Screenwriter

    Phoebe Wahl

  • USA 2020. 9min

Tulip may only be small, but she has big adventures.

Far from the Tree

  • Director

    Natalie Nourigat

  • Producer

    Ruth Strother

  • USA 2021. 7min

A young, wide-eyed raccoon is keen to see more of the world, but needs to be taught about life’s dangers first.

Tomorrow’s Leaves

  • Director

    Yoshiyuki Momose

  • Producer-Screenwriter

    Yoshiaki Nishimura

  • Japan 2021. 9min

With the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect, all can be achieved.

The Wonderful Story of Aisha, Ali and Flipflopi the Multicoloured Dhow Boat

  • Director

    Kwame Nyong’o

  • Producers

    Wanzilu Maingi, Dipesh Pabari

  • Screenwriter

    John Sibi-Okumu

  • Kenya 2020. 4min

Aisha and Ali must decide what to do about abandoned plastic, in this film from Kenya that deals with a global problem.

A Film about a Pudding

  • Director

    Roel van Beek

  • Producer

    Jack Pollington

  • Screenwriters

    Roel van Beek, Julie Nørgaard Bonde Jensen, Jack Pollington

  • UK 2021. 9min

A city comes under threat from a large pudding.


  • Director-Screenwriter

    Joe Mateo

  • Producer

    Heather Schmidt Feng Yanu

  • USA 2020. 11min

A stranded astronaut finds company on a far-away planet.

Greece Treasures

  • Director

    Janis Cimmermanis

  • Producer-Screenwriter

    Maris Putninsh

  • Latvia 2021. 11min

The Rescue Team travel to Greece when a search for underwater treasures goes wrong.

Programmed by Justin Johnson