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Short films programme

Animated Shorts for Younger Audiences

We’ve brought together an eclectic, exciting and colourful selection of short animated films from all corners of the globe. English language and subtitled films. Suitable for all ages.

Justin Johnson

Total running time 65min


The village may be scared of the wolf, but one little girl isn’t.

Image from Moroshka

Dir Polina Minchenok
Russia 2015

Awesome Beetle’s Colours

A surreal alphabet song for all ages.

Image from Awesome Beetle’s Colours

Dir Indra Sproge
Latvia 2016

Spring Jam

Stags need access to good music if they’re going to succeed in life.

Image from Spring Jam

Dir Ned Wenlock
New Zealand 2016

Perfect Houseguest

A tidy mouse is an ideal houseguest.

Image from Perfect Houseguest

Dir Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter
USA 2015

I Am Not a Mouse

Mum calls me Mouse but I’m not. My name is Lucy.

Image from I Am Not a Mouse

Dir Evgenia Golubeva
UK 2015

Perfect Piggies

Perfect Piggies in every way.

Image from Perfect Piggies

Dir Sandra Boynton
USA 2015

Hippo and Juice

Begemot y compot

How will Monty the Mouse celebrate his birthday this year?

Image from Hippo and Juice

Dir Alexey Minchenok
Russia 2015

Hey Deer!

If you live in the snow then you have to be prepared for a blizzard.

Image from Hey Deer!

Dir Örs Bárczy
Hungary 2015

Cats & Dogs

Newly drawn characters get out of control.

Image from Cats & Dogs

Dir Jesús Pérez, Gerd Gockell
Switzerland-Germany 2015

Stone Soup

La soupe au caillou

What is the secret ingredient in a good Stone Soup?

Image from Stone Soup

Dir Clementine Robach
France-Belgium 2015

Catch it

Meerkats will go to any lengths when it comes to protecting their fruit.

Image from Catch it

Dir Paul Bar, Marion Demaret, Nadège Forner, Pierre-Baptiste Marty, Julien Robyn, Jordan Soler
France 2015


The effects of one sneeze.

Image from Achoo!

Dir Yuki Hirakawa
Japan 2015

The Teeny-Weeny Fox

Le Renard minuscule

A teeny weeny fox wants to grow bigger.

Image from The Teeny-Weeny Fox

Dir Aline Quertain, Sylwia Szkiladz
France-Belgium-Switzerland 2016

Inner Workings

The internal struggle between your head and your heart in this Disney short.

Image from Inner Workings

Dir Leo Matsuda
USA 2016

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