• Directors

    Yu Araki, Lu Pan

  • Producer

    Jiha Kim

  • Hong Kong (SAR of China)-Japan-South Korea 2021. 63min

  • Production company

    ACC Cinematheque

  • Language

    English, Chinese, Japanese

    With English subtitles

Lu Pan and Yu Araki share home video-footage of their 90s childhoods in all their funny, celebratory, awkward and banal glory. Edited together remotely during the pandemic, the two artists discuss early home video technology, the social status of this footage in different contexts (both migrated as children), and also how these images were made and circulated. Their playful yet insightful conversation stitches the chaotic footage together and gives new life to a nostalgic form of cinema.

Hyun Jin Cho

Screening with

The Bang Straws

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Michelle Williams Gamaker

  • Producer

    Qila Gill

  • UK 2021. 17min

An aesthetically invigorating reworking of the casting process of Sidney Franklin’s The Good Earth (1937), a film notorious for a white actor’s racist portrayal of a Chinese character.

Tellurian Drama

  • Director-Producer-Screenwriter

    Riar Rizaldi

  • Indonesia 2020. 26min

The contested history of Mount Malabar, West Java is unearthed, prompting questions about colonisation, modernity and indigenous communities’ relationship with the land and its spirits.

This short film contains flashing images.

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