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Amazing and Astounding

Surreal landscapes, created by animators and filmmakers, can take the imagination to a thrilling place. Be prepared to be amazed by strange worlds and fantastical scenarios.

Programmed by Philip Ilson | Total running time 107min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Solar Walk, Dir Réka Bucsi

    Solar Walk

  • Image from Inanimate, Dir Lucia Bulgheroni


  • Image from Fest, Dir Nikita Diakur


  • Image from Operation Jane Walk, Dir Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel

    Operation Jane Walk

  • Image from Oh God!, Dir Betina Bozek

    Oh God!

  • Image from Herman Brown Is Feeling Down, Dir Dan Castro

    Herman Brown Is Feeling Down

  • Image from Island, Dir Max Mörtl, Robert Löbel


  • Image from The Fruits of Clouds, Dir Kateřina Karhánková

    The Fruits of Clouds

  • Image from Death Van, Dir Michael Enzbrunner

    Death Van

  • Image from Hello, Rain, Dir C J ‘Fiery’ Obasi

    Hello, Rain

Film 1

Solar Walk

A journey through space and the process of creation within an animated cosmic chaos.

Dir Réka Bucsi. Denmark 2018. 21min

Film 2


Katrine has a normal life, a normal job, a normal boyfriend and a normal apartment in a normal city. But then things become a little less normal.

Dir Lucia Bulgheroni. UK 2018. 8min

Film 3


Watch out for the bungee jumpers as you navigate your way around this estate’s techno party.

Dir Nikita Diakur. Germany 2018. 3min

Film 4

Operation Jane Walk

The digital war zone of a dystopian multiplayer shooter is re-appropriated for a pacifist city tour of post-apocalyptic Midtown Manhattan.

Dir Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel. Austria 2018. 16min

Film 5

Oh God!

O Jezu

A grimace, a sigh and a quiet whisper of despair over our own impotence.

Dir Betina Bozek. Poland 2017. 4min

Film 6

Herman Brown Is Feeling Down

Herman’s quiet colourful world is suddenly interrupted by something loud and stressful.

Dir Dan Castro. UK 2018. 6min

Film 7


A whimsical look at the flora and fauna of an absurd volcanic island.

Dir Max Mörtl, Robert Löbel. Germany 2017. 3min

Film 8

The Fruits of Clouds

Plody mraků

Furry lives in a clearing surrounded by dark woods with a pack of animal friends. Furry’s friends are afraid to venture into the scary woods, but he’s bored doing nothing but waiting.

Dir Kateřina Karhánková. Czech Republic 2017. 10min

Film 9

Death Van

A space-rock duo tours through a miniature world inhabited by surreal creatures.

Dir Michael Enzbrunner. Canada 2017. 6min

Film 10

Hello, Rain

A scientist-witch who, through an alchemical combination of juju and technology, creates wigs that grant both her and her friends supernatural powers.

Dir C J ‘Fiery’ Obasi. Nigeria 2018. 30min

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