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It’s man versus machine in this absorbing documentary chronicling the epic contest between Google DeepMind’s computer program AlphaGo and reigning Go world champion Lee Sedol.


Dir Greg Kohs
Prod Gary Krieg, Josh Rosen, Kevin Proudfoot
With Demis Hassabis, Lee Sedol, Fan Hui
Sales Submarine

Can computers think creatively, like humans? Is there an algorithm for intuition? These are questions Google’s DeepMind team set out to answer with AlphaGo. The ancient Chinese board game Go, with its almost infinite number of outcomes, has long been considered the ultimate challenge for artificial intelligence. Mastery of the game was considered by expert players and AI developers alike to be out of reach of machine learning for at least another decade. Then Google’s DeepMind team announced that they would be taking on world champion Lee Sedol, the Roger Federer of Go, in an extraordinary best-of-five game competition in Seoul. On 19 March 2016, battle commenced. Over 60 million people around the world tuned in to watch. Director Greg Kohs takes us through the tournament to experience the suspense, shock and excitement as the drama unfolds, both onstage and behind the scenes. Man versus machine – who wins?

Christine Bardsley

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • Greg Kohs, Director; Demis Hassabis, Cast; Fan Hui, Cast; Dave Silver, Cast

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