Alone in Space

Ensamma i rymden

This wonderful Swedish sci-fi family drama unfolds on a huge spaceship that hosts just two human passengers… and an otherworldly lifeform.

Dir Ted Kjellsson
Prod Sonja Hermele, Anna Knochenhauer, Stefan Baron
Scr Ted Kjellsson, Henrik Ståhl
With Ella Rae Rappaport, Dante Fleischanderl, Henrik Ståhl
Sales TrustNordisk

Siblings Keaton and Gladys are travelling alone on a spaceship to a planet that, confoundingly, never appears to get any closer. They are the sole members of what should have been a group voyage from a dying Earth to a world where humanity was planned to begin anew. Instead, it’s just them. Or at least, it was. The arrival of an alien acts as a wedge between brother and sister, with both unsure of its motives. Their situation isn’t helped by the sensation that there is also an unidentified outside force at work. This high concept, family sci-fi, bolstered by sharp production design and visual effects, is exciting and thought-provoking for the way it raises questions about life and death.

Justin Johnson

Additional information

Suitable for ages 8+.

Subtitled in English. An actor will read out the subtitles via headphones for younger audiences.