• Director

    Andrew Gaynord

  • Producer

    Tom Palmer

  • Screenwriters

    Tom Palmer, Tom Stourton

  • With

    Tom Stourton, Charly Clive, Georgina Campbell

  • UK 2021. 94min

  • UK Distribution

    BFI Distribution

  • Language


Just because you’re paranoid, Joseph Heller noted, doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. This is birthday boy Pete’s own Catch-22: invited by his old university crew to a country mansion celebration, from the outset something feels off. He’s constantly the butt of strangely pointed jokes. And what about the local chancer who has latched onto the group and seems to be studying him rather too closely? Andrew Gaynord’s feature debut, scripted by lead actor Tom Stourton and Tom Palmer, is a stiletto-sharp comedy nightmare. There’s misunderstandings, micro-aggressions and the fear that our youthful friendships aren’t – or maybe never were – what we thought. Imagine The Big Chill as a psychological horror, with an expert ensemble of rising British talent making us squirm with dread and laughter.

Leigh Singer

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