• Director-Producer

    Wang Qiong

  • USA 2021. 174min

  • Sales

    Asian Shadows

  • Language


    With English subtitles

What began as a personal project to understand her family’s decision to abandon her younger sister Jin as a new-born, transformed into an expanded portrait of 1990s China. Regrettably, Jin’s story was all too common for baby girls as a result of a toxic combination of patriarchal culture and the country’s one-child policy. Opening with Jin firing questions at Wang Qiong – ‘Why are you filming? Why didn’t you film me then? Who knows my sufferings?’ – All About My Sisters is unafraid to probe the ethical boundaries of documentary practice. Filmed over a period of seven years, this is independent filmmaking at its most committed and fearless. Walking an emotional tightrope, Wang’s non-judgmental approach allows space for her family to recall their deeply painful past.

Hyun Jin Cho

Contains scenes viewers may find distressing.

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