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All is Lost

Robert Redford offers an astonishingly physical performance as a yachtsman marooned at sea in JC Chandor’s almost dialogue-free endurance yarn.

All is Lost

  • Director-Screenwriter JC Chandor
  • Producers Neal Dodson, Anna Gerb, Justin Nappi, Teddy Schwarzman
  • With Robert Redford
  • USA 2013
  • 106 mins
  • 12A
  • UK distribution Universal Pictures International UK

It begins innocuously enough, with a lone sailor waking somewhere in the Indian Ocean and finding several inches of water in his yacht. During the night, he realises, there was a collision with a seemingly harmless metal container, but this does not concern the sailor, who fixes the damage and continues on his way – or so he thinks. In JC Chandor’s almost dialogue-free, visually breathtaking one-man odyssey, safety is then stripped away at every turn, pitting its hero against the elements in ever more terrifying scenarios. Crucial to its success is an astonishingly physical performance by Robert Redford as the nameless protagonist, a seasoned old salt who, put through the wringer by setbacks that would crush a man half his age, perseveres even as the sharks are snapping at his heels. As hope fades, director and star keep the almost unbearable suspense ramped until the very end, right up to a heart-pumping climax that is the very definition of a matter of life and death.

Damon Wise

The screening on Saturday 12 October will have audio-description.

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