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Screenings with subtitles

Films not in the English language will be screened with English subtitles. Please note, some films have scenes containing English dialogue without subtitles.

  • aKasha

    Dir-Scr hajooj kuka | Sudan-South Africa-Qatar-Germany

    With his striking, gently comedic debut, set amidst an endless war in his beloved country, hajooj kuka announces himself as one of Sudan’s most unique cinematic voices.

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  • All the Gods in the Sky

    Dir-Scr Quarxx | France

    Fans of New French Extremity take note, this mind-bending slice of transgressive perversity might just be the most outré horror film of the year.

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  • Alone in Space

    Dir Ted Kjellsson | Sweden

    This wonderful Swedish sci-fi family drama unfolds on a huge spaceship that hosts just two human passengers… and an otherworldly lifeform.

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  • Amin

    Dir-Prod Philippe Faucon | France

    Philippe Faucon’s understated drama is a subtle and tender evocation of a friendship that develops between a lonely Senegalese immigrant and a French divorcée.

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  • Amra and the Second Marriage

    Dir-Scr Mahmoud Sabbagh | Saudi Arabia

    When a middle-aged housewife learns her husband will take a second, younger spouse, she’s forced into drastic measures in this radical Saudi Arabian black comedy.

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  • El Angel

    Dir Luis Ortega | Argentina-Spain

    The controversial exploits of baby-faced Argentine serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch are exhilaratingly reinterpreted in this stylish biopic.

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  • Angelo

    Dir-Scr Markus Schleinzer | Austria-Luxembourg

    The powerful story of Angelo Soliman, a forced Europeanised African who makes his way through Viennese society in the early 18th century without ever belonging.

    Read more about Angelo

  • Aquarela

    Dir Victor Kossakovsky | UK-Germany

    ‘Aquarela’ means watercolour in English, but that is too delicate a word to describe this stunning, sensory cinematic experience by Russian master Victor Kossakovsky.

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  • Arctic

    Dir Joe Penna | Iceland

    Mads Mikkelsen astounds in this gripping tale of one man’s gruelling fight for survival against the elements.

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  • Asako I & II

    Dir Ryusuke Hamaguchi | Japan-France

    Do we ever really get over our first love? Asako is about to find out, in this quirky romantic drama with a dash of the uncanny.

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  • Ash is Purest White

    Dir-Scr Jia Zhang-ke | China-France

    Heartbreak and resilience fuel this quietly epic saga, in which one woman’s fortitude and knack for crime carry her through a rapidly changing China.

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  • Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché

    Dir-Scr-Prod Pamela B Green | USA

    This fascinating documentary, narrated by Jodie Foster, sets out to shine a spotlight on the pioneering contributions of the first female filmmaker.

    Read more about Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché

  • Believer

    Dir Lee Hae-young | South Korea

    Oldboy meets The Usual Suspects in this hall-of-mirrors thriller, as a dogged South Korean narcotics officer tries to smoke out a shadowy drug baron.

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  • Bergman – A Year in a Life

    Dir-Scr Jane Magnusson | Sweden

    This fascinating and unflinching study of the brilliance of Ingmar Bergman’s extraordinary career, is crafted around one of his most prolific and creatively fruitful years.

    Read more about Bergman – A Year in a Life

  • Birds of Passage

    Dir Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra | Colombia-Denmark-Mexico

    The team behind Embrace of the Serpent chart the thrilling rise and fall of the indigenous Wayuu clan in remote Colombia.

    Read more about Birds of Passage

  • Border

    Dir Ali Abbasi | Sweden

    Prepare for a love story like no other in this audacious Scandinavian fantasy, based on a novel by the writer of Let the Right One In.

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  • The Broker

    Dir-Scr-Prod Azadi R Moghadam | Iran

    Running a dating agency for single men and women in search of love, Mrs Sadri and her team face the challenges of brokering marriages in contemporary Iran.

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  • Burning

    Dir Lee Chang-dong | South Korea

    Lee Chang-dong (Poetry) wowed Cannes with this spellbinding, richly complex thriller about obsession, class conflict and suppressed male rage.

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  • The Cannibal Club

    Dir-Scr Guto Parente | Brazil

    The wealthy elite feed off the lower classes in a deliciously twisted Brazilian social satire that’s definitely not for the squeamish.

    Read more about The Cannibal Club

  • Capernaum

    Dir Nadine Labaki | Lebanon

    Acclaimed Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki delivers her most assured and affecting work yet with this astonishing and heart-wrenching depiction of life in the shadows.

    Read more about Capernaum

  • Carmen and Lola

    Dir-Scr Arantxa Echevarría | Spain

    Two teenage girls from a close-knit Roma community fall in love in this fresh and affecting coming-of-age romance from Spanish director Arantxa Echevarría.

    Read more about Carmen and Lola

  • The Chambermaid

    Dir Lila Avilés | Mexico-USA

    Actor-turned-director Lila Avilés provides an engaging, behind-closed-doors look at the working environment of a chambermaid in one of Mexico City’s most luxurious hotels.

    Read more about The Chambermaid

  • Consequences

    Dir-Scr Darko Štante | Slovenia

    A teenage tearaway is forced to face up to his actions, and confront his burgeoning sexuality, in this provocative Slovenian coming-of-age tale.

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  • Crystal Swan

    Dir Darya Zhuk | Belarus-Russia-Germany-USA

    In mid-1990s Belarus, a mistake on a DJ’s forged American visa application forces some desperate cover-up attempts in this tough and tender comedy.

    Read more about Crystal Swan

  • Daughter of Mine

    Dir Laura Bispuri | Italy-Germany-Switzerland

    This powerful, Sardinian-set drama details the tug of love between two mothers, one biological and the other adoptive, as they fight over their young daughter.

    Read more about Daughter of Mine

  • The Day I Lost My Shadow

    Dir-Scr Soudade Kaadan | Syria-Lebanon-France-Qatar

    Soudade Kaadan’s moving drama unfolds in war-torn Syria, where a woman travels to the outskirts of Damascus and witnesses the fate of her countrypeople.

    Read more about The Day I Lost My Shadow

  • The Dead and the Others

    Dir João Salaviza, Renée Nader Messora | Brazil-Portugal

    Set in the indigenous Krahô community of Pedra Branca in Brazil, this atmospheric, visually poetic work depicts a young man’s realisation that he is in possession of shamanic gifts.

    Read more about The Dead and the Others

  • Dead Pigs

    Dir-Scr Cathy Yan | China

    Cathy Yan’s freewheeling, mosaic-like multicultural comedy charts the misadventures of diverse Shanghai denizens, linked by a mysterious epidemic of porcine carcasses drifting towards the city’s harbour.

    Read more about Dead Pigs

  • Dear Son

    Dir-Scr Mohamed Ben Attia | Tunisia-Belgium-France-Qatar

    When Sami begins to suffer migraines, his parents’ concern for their withdrawn son increases. Their anguish forms the unnerving backbone of Mohamed Ben Attia’s astute drama.

    Read more about Dear Son

  • Diamantino

    Dir-Scr Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt | Portugal-France-Brazil

    Throwing fascism, colonialism and gender into a cinematic blender, Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt serve up a candyfloss farce that’s an absurdist delight.

    Read more about Diamantino

  • Dilili in Paris

    Dir-Scr Michel Ocelot | France-Belgium-Germany

    The great master of French animation, Michel Ocelot, returns to the Festival with his exquisite tale set in Paris during the Belle Epoque.

    Read more about Dilili in Paris

  • Dogman

    Dir Matteo Garrone | Italy

    Gomorrah director Matteo Garrone presents a masterful tale of twisted friendship, not-so-petty crime and revenge, set in a seedy coastal town on the outskirts of Rome.

    Read more about Dogman

  • Donbass

    Dir-Scr Sergei Loznitsa | Germany-Ukraine-France-Netherlands-Romania

    This disturbing new film from Sergei Loznitsa (My Joy, In the Fog) examines the civil conflict in Ukraine through the prism of black humour and the absurd.

    Read more about Donbass

  • Dovlatov

    Dir Aleksey German Jr | Russia-Poland-Serbia

    In this powerful account of the struggles of banned writer Sergei Dovlatov, Aleksey German Jr. provides an unusual insight into the literary world of Soviet Russia.

    Read more about Dovlatov

  • Dream Away

    Dir-Scr Marouan Omara, Johanna Domke | Germany-Egypt-Qatar

    Stunning and surreal, this hybrid documentary finds a group of hotel staff reflecting on their life, hopes and dreams in a deserted Egyptian holiday resort.

    Read more about Dream Away

  • Eldorado

    Dir-Scr Markus Imhoof | Switzerland-Germany

    Markus Imhoof blends the intensely personal with the socio-political to powerful effect in this documentary, a penetrating examination of how migrants are treated upon arrival in Europe.

    Read more about Eldorado

  • Enamorada

    Dir Emilio Fernández | Mexico

    A glorious story of love and revolution from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, beautifully restored and guaranteed to set the heart racing.

    Read more about Enamorada

  • Etangs Noirs

    Dir-Scr Pieter Dumoulin, Timeau De Keyser | Belgium

    Nothing is quite what it seems in this enigmatic mystery which promises to be one of the most original films of the year.

    Read more about Etangs Noirs

  • A Family Tour

    Dir Ying Liang | Taiwan-Hong Kong (SAR of China)-Singapore-Malaysia

    The personal cost of life in political exile is explored in this delicate drama about a controversial director and her family.

    Read more about A Family Tour

  • Five Men and a Caravaggio

    Dir-Scr Xiaolu Guo | UK-China

    Acclaimed writer and filmmaker Xiaolu Guo delivers another deeply intelligent and idiosyncratic essay, located between contemporary China and post-Brexit referendum London.

    Read more about Five Men and a Caravaggio

  • Florianopolis Dream

    Dir Ana Katz | Argentina-Brazil-France

    A family holiday to a popular Brazilian beach resort doesn’t go quite as planned in this wry Argentine comedy from writer-director Ana Katz.

    Read more about Florianopolis Dream

  • The Flower

    Dir-Scr Mariano Llinás | Argentina

    A bold and beguiling cinematic adventure on a truly epic scale structured across three parts and six very different narrative episodes.

    Read more about The Flower

  • Freedom Fields

    Dir-Scr Naziha Arebi | Libya-UK-Netherlands-USA-Lebanon-Qatar-Canada

    Charting six years of Libya’s nascent women’s football scene – a journey never short of obstacles – Freedom Fields celebrates the determination of an incredible team.

    Read more about Freedom Fields

  • Girl

    Dir Lukas Dhont | Belgium

    A transgender teenager dreams of becoming a ballet dancer in this extraordinary coming-of-age story, which won the Queer Palm at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

    Read more about Girl

  • Girls of the Sun

    Dir-Scr Eva Husson | France

    Golshifteh Farahani gives a soulful performance as a battalion leader in Eva Husson’s (Bang Gang, LFF 2015) rousing tribute to female Kurdish fighters.

    Read more about Girls of the Sun

  • Gordon & Paddy

    Dir Linda Hambäck | Sweden

    It’s the ultimate mash-up, as Nordic Noir meets family animation, when Gordon and Paddy join forces to solve the case of the missing nuts.

    Read more about Gordon & Paddy

  • The Guilty

    Dir Gustav Möller | Denmark

    A flawed cop and a woman at the end of his phone line dominate this superb Sundance Audience Award-winning nerve-shredder that will leave you adrenalin-addled and thought-provoked.

    Read more about The Guilty

  • Happy as Lazzaro

    Dir-Scr Alice Rohrwacher | Italy

    Alice Rohrwacher follows The Wonders with a delightfully singular time and genre-bending rumination on the fate of innocence when faced with corruption and greed.

    Read more about Happy as Lazzaro

  • High Tension

    Dir Ingmar Bergman | Sweden

    Restored for the centenary of Ingmar Bergman’s birth, the espionage drama that he requested to remain unshown during his lifetime finally returns to the screen.

    Read more about High Tension

  • Holy Tour

    Dir-Scr Valéry Rosier, Méryl Fortunat-Rossi | Belgium-France

    It’s summer. The Tour de France is coming and senior fans arrive in their camper vans in this endearing documentary that revels in its visual humour.

    Read more about Holy Tour

  • House of My Fathers

    Dir-Prod-Scr Suba Sivakumaran | Sri Lanka

    A surreal and disturbing tale centred on two divided villages in a civil war where women are unable to conceive and a remedy is desperately sought.

    Read more about House of My Fathers

  • I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians

    Dir-Scr Radu Jude | Romania-Czech Republic-France-Bulgaria-Germany

    Radu Jude, the celebrated director of Aferim!, Scarred Hearts and The Dead Nation, returns with another controversial and illuminating foray into the darker side of Romania’s history.

    Read more about I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians

  • I Feel Good

    Dir-Scr Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern | France

    French anarcho-japesters Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern (Aaltra, Mammuth) return with a satire about dreams and delusions, starring Jean Dujardin as a man on a misguided mission.

    Read more about I Feel Good

  • The Image Book

    Dir-Scr Jean-Luc Godard | Switzerland-France

    Jean-Luc Godard pushes his exploration of words, sounds and images to vivid new extremes in this complex, dizzying mix of film, essay and collage.

    Read more about The Image Book

  • An Impossible Love

    Dir Catherine Corsini | France

    Rising star Virginie Efira headlines Catherine Corsini’s powerful, moving drama about how the torments of love are carried on from generation to generation.

    Read more about An Impossible Love

  • In the Aisles

    Dir Thomas Stuber | Germany

    Toni Erdmann star Sandra Hüller returns to the screen in this poetic workplace romance, set in the seemingly banal universe of a wholesale supermarket.

    Read more about In the Aisles

  • Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

    Dir Dennis Gansel | Germany

    This quirky, upbeat fantasy adventure is based on the bestseller by the author of The Neverending Story.

    Read more about Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

  • Journey to a Mother’s Room

    Dir-Scr Celia Rico Clavellino | Spain-France

    The sense of loss experienced by a mother and daughter is thoughtfully conveyed in this intimate, tender drama from first-time director Celia Rico Clavellino.

    Read more about Journey to a Mother’s Room

  • Keep Going

    Dir Joachim Lafosse | Belgium-France

    The director of After Love ventures into new territory with a drama about a mother and son taking to horseback in search of reconciliation.

    Read more about Keep Going

  • Knife + Heart

    Dir Yann Gonzalez | France-Switzerland-Mexico

    If you only see one arthouse slasher movie set in the gay porn industry this year, you had better make sure it’s this one.

    Read more about Knife + Heart

  • Last Child

    Dir-Scr Shin Dong-seok | South Korea

    Writer-director Shin Dong-seok delivers a devastating debut, an emotionally wrenching family drama that heralds a serious new voice in cinema.

    Read more about Last Child

  • Little Forest

    Dir Yim Soon-rye | South Korea

    A young woman jettisons city life for a rural existence, producing a lot of mouthwatering food along the way in this charming take on the quarter-life crisis.

    Read more about Little Forest

  • The Load

    Dir-Scr Ognjen Glavonić | Serbia-France-Croatia-Iran-Qatar

    Vlada is employed to drive an unidentified cargo to Belgrade, but is forced to use back roads on his journey into a heart of darkness.

    Read more about The Load

  • Long Day’s Journey into Night

    Dir-Scr Bi Gan | China-Taiwan-France

    A dazzling dive into a noir-like dreamscape singles out Bi Gan’s partially 3D feature as the most intoxicating cinematic experience of the year.

    Read more about Long Day’s Journey into Night

  • Maki’la

    Dir-Scr Machérie Ekwa Bahango | Congo-France

    Machérie Ekwa Bahango’s directorial debut is a compassionate and acutely observed portrait of homelessness experienced by young people in Kinshasa.

    Read more about Maki’la

  • Manto

    Dir-Scr Nandita Das | India

    Acclaimed filmmaker Nandita Das returns to the Festival with an intelligent biopic that might be set in 1947, but holds up a mirror to contemporary issues in South Asia.

    Read more about Manto

  • May the Devil Take You

    Dir-Scr Timo Tjahjanto | Indonesia

    Join Timo Tjahjanto, one of Indonesian cinema’s rising genre filmmakers, for a hair-raising journey into the heart of the supernatural.

    Read more about May the Devil Take You

  • Maya

    Dir-Scr Mia Hansen-Løve | France

    Mia Hansen-Løve (Things to Come, Eden) crafts a beguiling, India-set road movie about a French journalist recovering from severe PTSD, following his abduction in Syria.

    Read more about Maya

  • Mayfair

    Dir Sara Blecher | South Africa

    Sara Blecher (Ayanda, LFF 2015) returns with a markedly different film – a groundbreaking, multi-cultural African gangster thriller.

    Read more about Mayfair

  • Mirai

    Dir-Scr Mamoru Hosoda | Japan

    LFF favourite Mamoru Hosoda’s (The Boy and the Beast, Wolf Children) rapturous and fantastical take on childhood is an animation of great beauty and insight.

    Read more about Mirai

  • Miriam Lies

    Dir-Scr Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada | Dominican Republic

    A quinceañera celebration is nothing but nerve-racking for teenage Miriam, in this nuanced film that tackles race and class tensions in the Dominican Republic.

    Read more about Miriam Lies

  • Museum

    Dir Alonso Ruizpalacios | Mexico

    Gael García Bernal stars in this dazzlingly enjoyable heist thriller about an ambitious plan to loot one of the World’s most famous museums.

    Read more about Museum

  • Namdev Bhau in Search of Silence

    Dir-Scr Dar Gai | India

    In this endearing black comedy, a 65-year-old who can’t take noisy Mumbai anymore sets off on a thwarted quest for Himalayan silence.

    Read more about Namdev Bhau in Search of Silence

  • The Nightshifter

    Dir Dennison Ramalho | Brazil

    A morgue worker breaks the unspoken code of the dead, with terrifying consequences, in this evocative and idiosyncratic Brazilian chiller.

    Read more about The Nightshifter

  • Non-Fiction

    Dir-Scr Olivier Assayas | France

    Juliette Binoche and Guillaume Canet lead the cast in Olivier Assayas’ latest film, which is a wryly comic look at the quandaries of the publishing world.

    Read more about Non-Fiction

  • Of Love & Law

    Dir Hikaru Toda | UK-Japan-France

    Hikaru Toda’s involving documentary reveals the hidden side of Japanese society, highlighting the diverse human-rights work done by the country’s first LGBT law firm.

    Read more about Of Love & Law

  • Ordinary Time

    Dir-Scr Susana Nobre | Portugal-France

    This generous and soothing portrait depicts the early days of parenthood, as a mother engages in caring for her newborn daughter.

    Read more about Ordinary Time

  • A Paris Education

    Dir-Scr Jean-Paul Civeyrac | France

    Oh, to be young, intense, romantic and profoundly cinephilic – Jean-Paul Civeyrac’s drama captures it all, in a story of a filmmaker’s years of apprenticeship.

    Read more about A Paris Education

  • Petra

    Dir Jaime Rosales | Spain-France-Denmark

    In his most accessible film to date, acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Jaime Rosales tells the tale of a morbidly dysfunctional family. Petra has never known the identity of her father.

    Read more about Petra

  • Pixote

    Dir Hector Babenco | Brazil

    Like a bullet to the heart, Hector Babenco’s visceral portrait of the brutalisation of children and teenagers has lost none of its power.

    Read more about Pixote

  • The Prey

    Dir-Prod Jimmy Henderson | Cambodia

    An innocent man sentenced to rot in a Cambodian jail is released for the sadistic pleasure of twisted trophy hunters and forced to fight – or die.

    Read more about The Prey

  • Putin’s Witnesses

    Dir-Scr Vitaly Mansky | Latvia-Switzerland-Czech Republic

    Based on material he shot of Yeltsin, Gorbachev and Putin in 1999-2000, Vitaly Mansky’s film is both an extraordinary portrait and a compelling historical document.

    Read more about Putin’s Witnesses

  • The Quake

    Dir John Andreas Andersen | Norway

    Could reports of subterranean tremors beneath the city of Oslo predict a catastrophic earthquake is imminent? This sequel to The Wave (LFF 2015) is another tension-filled, high-stakes geo-thriller.

    Read more about The Quake

  • The Queen of Fear

    Dir Valeria Bertuccelli, Fabiana Tiscornia | Argentina-Denmark

    An actor negotiates a new play, a friend’s illness and a tricky home situation in this amusing tale where Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown meets Opening Night.

    Read more about The Queen of Fear

  • Quién te cantará

    Dir-Scr Carlos Vermut | Spain

    This stylish, elegant and enigmatic feature by one of Spain’s most imaginative directors explores the notion of reality, imitation and artistic creation.

    Read more about Quién te cantará

  • Rafiki

    Dir Wanuri Kahiu | Kenya-South Africa-France-Lebanon-Norway-Netherlands-Germany-USA

    Romantic sparks fly between the daughters of two opposing politicians in Wanuri Kahiu’s neon-bright story of forbidden love in Kenya.

    Read more about Rafiki

  • The Raft

    Dir-Scr Marcus Lindeen | Sweden

    Imagine Big Brother at sea, but with no evictions. Director Marcus Lindeen innovatively uncovers the human stories behind a 1970s social experiment, salaciously dubbed ‘The Sex Raft’.

    Read more about The Raft

  • Rajma Chawal

    Dir Leena Yadav | India

    In Old Delhi, a father decides to get his teenage son’s attention by posing as a pretty girl on social media.

    Read more about Rajma Chawal

  • The Realm

    Dir Rodrigo Sorogoyen | Spain-France

    Unravelling at a speed that rivals today’s news cycle, this Spanish neo-noir finds a local politician up to his neck in a party-wide corruption scandal.

    Read more about The Realm

  • Roma

    Dir-Scr Alfonso Cuarón | Mexico

    Straight from the heart of Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, Children of Men), this glorious reminiscence of a momentous year is a sumptuous black-and-white ode to the woman who shaped his early life.

    Read more about Roma

  • Sauvage

    Dir-Scr Camille Vidal-Naquet | France

    The daily misfortunes of a lonesome rent boy are laid bare in this tough but tender portrait of life on the fringes of society.

    Read more about Sauvage

  • School’s Out

    Dir-Scr Sébastien Marnier | France

    A precocious gang of unnervingly smart teens appear to be harbouring a dark and dangerous secret in this elusive French enigma.

    Read more about School’s Out

  • Sew the Winter to My Skin

    Dir-Scr Jahmil XT Qubeka | South Africa

    Confirming the promise he showed with his powerful Of Good Report (LFF 2013), Jahmil XT Qubeka delivers a superb thriller based on a true story.

    Read more about Sew the Winter to My Skin

  • Shadow

    Dir Zhang Yimou | China

    Blood spills on an immaculate shadowy landscape in this visually stunning martial arts thriller from Chinese master Zhang Yimou.

    Read more about Shadow

  • Shock Waves – Diary of My Mind

    Dir Ursula Meier | Switzerland

    This true crime drama from Ursula Meier is a searingly complex moral maze that lingers long in the mind.

    Read more about Shock Waves – Diary of My Mind

  • Shut Up and Play the Piano

    Dir-Scr Philipp Jedicke | Germany

    Self-proclaimed musical genius Chilly Gonzales is charismatic, complicated, conflicted and bursting with talent in this invigorating documentary.

    Read more about Shut Up and Play the Piano

  • Silence is Golden

    Dir-Scr René Clair | France

    Though less well known than his comedies of the 1920s and early 1930s, René Clair’s first post-war film – a very funny cautionary tale – is arguably his masterpiece.

    Read more about Silence is Golden

  • Soni

    Dir Ivan Ayr | India

    Feminist policing, Indian style: Ivan Ayr’s refreshing, class-conscious debut considers the solidarity between a fiery female officer and her superior.

    Read more about Soni

  • The Spy Gone North

    Dir Yoon Jong-bin | South Korea

    How was a South Korean spy, codenamed ‘Black Venus’, able to ingratiate himself with the highest ranks of the DPRK, including Kim Jong-il himself?

    Read more about The Spy Gone North

  • Sticks and Stones

    Dir Martin Skovbjerg | Denmark-Iceland

    Martin Skovbjerg’s ambitious directorial debut offers a timely and provocative take on toxic friendship and the destructive power of extreme masculinity.

    Read more about Sticks and Stones

  • Styx

    Dir Wolfgang Fischer | Germany-Austria

    A woman’s solo sailing journey turns into a deadly serious ethical dilemma in this unusual and taut political allegory.

    Read more about Styx

  • Suburban Birds

    Dir-Scr Qiu Sheng | China

    Stand by Me meets Kafka in this dreamy treat from debut director Qiu Sheng, in which time is a flat pretzel.

    Read more about Suburban Birds

  • Summer

    Dir Kirill Serebrennikov | Russia

    Surreal at times, but always sincere, Russian provocateur Kirill Serebrennikov’s latest is a journey into the heart of the Soviet counterculture of the late 1980s.

    Read more about Summer

  • Sunset

    Dir László Nemes | Hungary-France

    László Nemes first film Son of Saul (Official Competiton, LFF 2015) debuted in competition at Cannes before winning the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar®. But Nemes doesn’t rest on his laurels with this feverishly ambitious second feature.

    Read more about Sunset

  • Tehran: City of Love

    Dir Ali Jaberansari | Iran-UK-Netherlands

    Pitch-perfect deadpan humour helps paint a picture of Tehran as you’ve never seen it before, heralding an exciting new voice in contemporary Iranian cinema.

    Read more about Tehran: City of Love

  • Three Faces

    Dir-Prod-Scr Jafar Panahi | Iran

    Eight years into his filmmaking ban, Iranian director Jafar Panahi delivers another perceptive sideways glance at the contradictions that exist in contemporary Iranian society.

    Read more about Three Faces

  • That Time of Year

    Dir Paprika Steen | Denmark

    Paprika Steen’s third foray behind the camera serves up a delectably funny slice of Christmas cheer, with The Killing’s Sofie Gråbøl sporting a truly outrageous perm.

    Read more about That Time of Year

  • Too Late to Die Young

    Dir-Scr Dominga Sotomayor | Chile-Brazil-Argentina-Netherlands-Qatar

    After Pinochet’s fall, three youngsters drive up to a woodland commune below the Andes. The trip finds them questioning their life in this woozily gorgeous evocation of a Chilean summer.

    Read more about Too Late to Die Young

  • Touch Me Not

    Dir-Scr Adina Pintilie | Romania-Germany-Czech Republic-Bulgaria-France

    Romanian director Adina Pintilie’s Berlin Golden Bear winner is a bold, quietly provocative drama about one woman struggling with her fear of intimacy.

    Read more about Touch Me Not

  • Tumbbad

    Dir Rahi Anil Barve, Adesh Prasad | India

    In old India, a greedy boy seeks out hidden riches in the dungeon beneath an ancestral house guarded by a terrifying deity.

    Read more about Tumbbad

  • Twin Flower

    Dir-Scr Laura Luchetti | Italy

    This beguiling drama, unfolding amidst the beauty of Sardinia’s sun-dappled landscape, charts the unlikely friendship between a traumatised woman and an illegal immigrant.

    Read more about Twin Flower

  • Unsettling

    Dir-Prod Iris Zaki | Israel-UK

    When a documentary filmmaker interviews young Israelis about their settlement in the West Bank, the results are an urgent film of revealing and sometimes challenging conversations.

    Read more about Unsettling

  • Utøya – July 22

    Dir Erik Poppe | Norway

    Unfolding in real time in a single, devastating 72-minute take, Erik Poppe delivers a harrowing reconstruction of the massacre of 69 young people by Anders Behring Breivik.

    Read more about Utøya – July 22

  • The Vice of Hope

    Dir Edoardo De Angelis | Italy

    This is a gritty, gripping and ultimately uplifting depiction of a woman desperately striving to escape a life of vice and criminality.

    Read more about The Vice of Hope

  • The White Crow

    Dir Ralph Fiennes | UK-Serbia-France

    Dance perfection meets political defection in director Ralph Fiennes’ intoxicating account of the young life of Rudolf Nureyev.

    Read more about The White Crow

  • The Wild Pear Tree

    Dir Nuri Bilge Ceylan | Turkey-France-Germany

    Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s follow-up to his Palme d’Or-winning Winter Sleep is a persuasive portrait of a young writer at odds with his hometown and family.

    Read more about The Wild Pear Tree

  • Winter Flies

    Dir Olmo Omerzu | Czech Republic-Slovenia-Poland-Slovakia

    Two teenagers embark on a quixotic journey in a stolen car across the Czech Republic in Olmo Omerzu’s bittersweet take on the road movie genre.

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  • Woman at War

    Dir Benedikt Erlingsson | Iceland-France-Ukraine

    Director Benedikt Erlingsson’s follow-up to the eccentric comedy Of Horses and Men is a similar genre-fluid trip, playfully steeped in Iceland’s heritage and landscape.

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  • Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema

    Dir-Scr Mark Cousins | UK

    If the cinematic canon is dominated by male directors, how can we respond to it? With an epic series comprised of brilliant films by female filmmakers.

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  • Yomeddine

    Dir-Scr A.B. Shawky | Egypt

    Egyptian filmmaker A.B. Shawky makes his feature debut with this utterly unique road movie which charts the friendship between a leper and a young orphan.

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  • Young and Alive

    Dir Matthieu Bareyre | France

    A young and politicised generation share their beliefs and worries in this galvanizing fresco set on the streets of Paris at night.

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