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The Queen of Fear

La reina del miedo

An actor negotiates a new play, a friend’s illness and a tricky home situation in this amusing tale where Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown meets Opening Night.

Dir Valeria Bertuccelli, Fabiana Tiscornia
Prod Benjamin Domenech, Christian Faillace, Santiago Gallelli, Juan Pablo Galli, Matias Roveda, Juan Vera
Scr Valeria Bertuccelli
With Valeria Bertuccelli, Darío Grandinetti, Diego Velázquez
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Meet Robertina – Rober to her friends, Tina to her adoring public. She is preparing a one-woman show about which she is giving little away. Juggling a hyper-anxious live-in housekeeper and an on/off husband who appears to have moved out, she finds herself edging closer to her opening night without a clear sense of where things might end. Valeria Bertuccelli, one of Argentina’s most accomplished comic performers, brings her impeccable sense of timing to this debut feature, which she wrote and – with Lucrecia Martel’s assistant director Fabiana Tiscornia – co-directed. Moving from slapstick to Beckettian absurdism, this is a quirky film about balancing public and private identities and coping with a mid-life crisis, which asks searching questions about identity and agency.

Maria Delgado

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