Alice Lowe directs and stars in this riotous tale of a pregnant serial killer, hellbent on revenge.

Image from Prevenge

Dir-Scr Alice Lowe
Prod Vaughan Sivell, Will Kane, Jennifer Handorf
With Alice Lowe, Gemma Whelan, Kate Dickie
UK 2016
UK Distribution Kaleidoscope Pictures Entertainment

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

Matteo Bini, Editor; Franki Goodwin, Producer; Will Kane, Producer; Alice Lowe, Director; Sean Richard, Producer; Vaughan Sivell, Producer

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“Kids today are spoiled, it’s like ‘mummy, I want a PlayStation; mummy, I want you to kill that man.’” Ruth is pregnant and full of murderous fury. Cloaked in ordinariness and with a sinister internal dialogue impelling her on, our highly cynical anti-heroine has a shape-shifting personality and a moral compass that’s gone AWOL. Alice Lowe’s directorial debut starts as a dark comedy, and just keeps getting darker. Like Sightseers (LFF2012), which Lowe co-scripted and starred in, the film has an exhilarating sense of tonal incongruity, constantly wrong-footing any of its characters foolish enough to underestimate seemingly dour Ruth’s capacity for extreme behaviour. Directed and performed when Lowe herself was seven months pregnant, a state rarely presented onscreen by those actually experiencing it, Prevenge offers an insight – albeit a severe one – that goes far beyond hormonal havoc. What not to expect when you’re expecting.

Kate Taylor

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Image from Prevenge

Image from Prevenge