Dream Away

Stunning and surreal, this hybrid documentary finds a group of hotel staff reflecting on their life, hopes and dreams in a deserted Egyptian holiday resort.

Dir-Scr Marouan Omara, Johanna Domke
Prod Roman Roitman
Sales Wide House

Once a popular holiday destination, Sharm El Sheikh is now desolate, emptied of tourists. And yet, the resort’s stewards continue to deliver energetic morning exercise routines. The elaborately painted black-and-gold ‘tiger-man’ waits to be photographed. And slickly dressed DJs prepare sets for empty clubs. All their salaries have been slashed, but something is better than nothing. The legacy of the Arab Spring and the confusion that ensued looms large over this hazy desert landscape. Meanwhile, a lonely truck transports the strange figure of a monkey, to whom the young hotel workers follow around and reveal their feelings – dreaming of love and the lives they want to live. Wonderfully inventive and utterly unique, Dream Away blends magical realism with a fascinating reflection on the state of Egypt today.

Elhum Shakerifar