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Animal Farm

Sixty years young, this British cartoon of George Orwell’s political ‘fairy story’ is still the most abiding adaptation of this powerful, cautionary tale for all ages.

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  • Directors John Halas, Joy Batchelor
  • Producers John Halas, Joy Batchelor
  • Screenwriters John Halas, Joy Batchelor, Lothar Wolff, Borden Mace, Philip Stapp
  • With Maurice Denham, Gorden Heath
  • UK 1954
  • 72 mins
  • UK distribution Network Distributing Ltd

Suitable for all ages

What would happen if the animals took over the farm? With the farmer gone the pigs take control. All animals are equal, but are some more equal than others? George Orwell’s novella is famous as a political allegory, but it only works as such because it is also an engaging story. Sixty years young, this is still the most abiding adaptation of this powerful, cautionary tale. Produced by John Halas and Joy Batchelor, this was Britain’s first animated feature film.

Jez Stewart

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