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24 Frames

Abbas Kiarostami’s final film is an experimental compilation of still images imaginatively brought to life by sound and animation: lyrical, funny, mysterious and often quite magical.


Dir Abbas Kiarostami
Prod Charles Gillibert, Ahmad Kiarostami
Sales CG Cinema

Premiered to acclaim in Cannes this year, the late Abbas Kiarostami’s final film comprises 24 inventive, witty, sometimes haunting vignettes exploring aspects of movement, (com)position and time. Before his untimely death, Kiarostami embarked on a highly personal project, uniting painting, photography and film: a series of four-and-a-half minute shorts bringing still images to life with animation and sound. Posthumously assembled by his son Ahmad, the results display the Iranian’s favourite visual motifs: snow, trees, birds, animals, water, the wind; even people (memorably, six tourists in Paris). The compilation begins with Bruegel’s Hunters in the Snow, which slowly begins to show small, subtle signs of life; thereafter Kiarostami’s own photos provide the starting points for animated tableaux which are in turn playful, lyrical, funny, enigmatic and, finally, very moving. Modest miniatures in the style of Kiarostami’s haiku-like poems, they are a gift packed with mystery and magic.

Geoff Andrew

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