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An extraordinary and inspiring journey into the life of British primatologist Jane Goodall, with never-seen-before archive footage and a beautiful Philip Glass score.


Dir-Scr Brett Morgen
Prod Brett Morgen, Bryan Burk, James Smith, Tony Gerber
With Jane Goodall
Prod Co National Geographic Studios

This fascinating and deeply moving documentary about famous primatologist Jane Goodall reveals never-seen-before footage of her early work in Africa. In 1964, 26-year-old Goodall travelled to Tanzania on the first-ever mission to study chimpanzees in the wild. The primatologist’s subsequent decades in Gombe would open an unprecedented window into the lives of our close relatives. Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Brett Morgen (Cobain: Montage of Heck) had privileged access to more than 100 hours of previously unseen footage from that period, filmed by Goodall’s future husband, the wildlife photographer Hugo van Lawick. Jane is an intimate and affecting insight into Goodall’s personal journey as a scientist, but also as a woman and a mother. You’ll experience her discoveries and thrills, witnessing how nature and the animals she loved had a profound impact upon her life. Philip Glass’ grandiose score completes this truly luminous portrait.

Laure Bonville

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  • Brett Morgen, Director

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