• Director

    Jeff Zimbalist and Maria Bukhonina

  • With

    Angela Nikolau, Ivan Beerkus

  • USA 2024. 100min

  • IMAX with laser

  • Certificate


A daredevil couple risks it all by going where no one has gone before: the top of the world’s second-highest skyscraper. Angela and Vanya are Russia’s preeminent rooftoppers who defy the odds (and death) to scale the globe’s tallest buildings. They are a pair of performers who’ve made a career out of scaling some of the world’s tallest buildings. Their climbs are often technically considered trespassing – and completed with minimal or non-existent safety precautions in place. As their acrobatic stunts go viral and rack up millions of online views, they put their love and trust to the test as they create a highly dangerous new artform that they call “skywalking.”

Filmed over six years across six countries, Skywalkers: A Love Story captures extreme climbing in harrowing detail and is directed and written by Emmy-winning filmmaker Jeff Zimbalist (Favela Rising, The Two Escobars, Momentum Generation).

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