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Shorts: Home is not a Place but a Feeling

What makes a home? This selection of films attempts to provide an answer.

Friday 17 February 2017 11:00

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Runtime: 75 mins

These filmmakers explore and challenge the idea of what ‘Home’ means to us. What it means to inhabit such places; to create and belong to communities and to feel foreign or unwelcome in these spaces. What makes a home? What is the role we play in creating these environments?

Dir. Sophia Yuet See, UK

Tower XYZ
Dir. Ayo Akingbade, UK

Dir. Megan K. Fox, UK

Dir. Cameron Turnbull, UK

Dir. Cecile Emeke, UK

Counting Sheep
Dir. Matthew Jopling, UK

Dir. Matty Crawford, UK

Dir. Jacob Roy, UK

Never Land
Dir. Anna Hoghton, UK

Coach Pamz
Dir. Bennett Johnson, USA

Dir. Martina Mikušová, Slovakia

Dir. Sarah Lederman, Belgium

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