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Ask Any Buddy

This lovingly edited compilation of erotic gay film is the nearest you’ll get to experiencing queer life in the glory days between 1968 and 1986.

This is an 18+ screening

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Dir-Prod Evan Purchell
Sales American Genre Film Archive

Set on the streets and piers, and in the bars, cinemas, bath-houses and toilets of New York and San Francisco, this is a world of moustaches, tight jeans, tighter leathers and shorts. It’s an impressionistic cruise back to a time when the men and boys were beautiful and up for it. Think Peter de Rome meets Peter Berlin with Jack Wrangler and his friends. It’s historic hot stuff for connoisseurs of any age and instant nostalgia for anyone who was there. Director Evan Purchell has woven a masterpiece out of 125 vintage films, for an intensely pleasurable experience that eschews any need of a narrative.

Brian Robinson

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Please note, this film contains explicit sex.

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