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Cassandro, the Exotico!

Marie Losier captures a beautiful 16mm portrait of an ageing but passionate queer lucha libre wrestler.

Dir Marie Losier
Prod Carole Chassaing, Antoine Barraud
Scr Marie Losier, Antoine Barraud
Sales Urban Distribution International

Cassandro is a lucha libre (professional) wrestler known for outrageous gender presentation and equally spectacular wrestling moves. Shot on 16mm over the course of five years, Losier’s film follows a champion coming to terms with his body. We see the injuries and ice plunges, which contrast with the flamboyant masks and aerial manoeuvres. Even in his 40s, Cassandro catapults himself at opponents from great heights. But we also see him plunge to troubling depths, as his past struggles with addiction and abuse continue to haunt him. Losier locates her subject in Mexico’s cultural traditions, locating him firmly within the rich desert landscape and indigenous practices that both haunt and motivate his art.

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Jay Bernard

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