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The Way Things Are

UK Shorts Programme

The most exciting home-grown talent is showcased in this wide-ranging collection of short films, exploring the queer experience in its myriad forms.

Programmed by Michael Blyth | Total running time 109min

Contains scenes of suicide, viewer discretion is advised.

Films in this programme
  • Image from The Foreigner, Dir Ben Allen

    The Foreigner

  • Image from Anemone, Dir Amrou Al-Kadhi


  • Image from Diva, Dir Adam Csoka Keller


  • Image from Land’s End, Dir Ben Strebel

    Land’s End

  • Image from None of the Above, Dir Siri Rodnes

    None of the Above

  • Image from Crashing Waves, Dir Emma Gilbertson

    Crashing Waves

  • Image from Ladies Day, Dir Abena Taylor-Smith

    Ladies Day

  • Image from Listen, Dir Jake Graf


  • Image from Jas, Dir Alice Trueman


  • Image from Batty Boy, Dir Blain Ho-shing, Dior Clarke

    Batty Boy

Film 1

The Foreigner

Graham has fled from the UK in search of asylum, but will he be granted the chance to start a new life?

Dir Ben Allen. UK 2019. 12min

Film 2


A second-generation teen searches for a way to express their non-binary identity.

Dir Amrou Al-Kadhi. UK 2018. 18min

Film 3


A transcendental fusion of queer surrealism and baroque opera.

Dir Adam Csoka Keller. UK 2018. 6min

Film 4

Land’s End

A young man develops a fixation on an ex-con and together they embark on a journey.

Dir Ben Strebel. UK 2018. 20min

Film 5

None of the Above

Cassie runs into trouble when she decides to document her dating life on her personal vlog.

Dir Siri Rodnes. UK 2018. 16min

Film 6

Crashing Waves

Against the backdrop of a high-rise housing estate, two young men connect.

Dir Emma Gilbertson. UK 2017. 4min

Film 7

Ladies Day

Whilst at the hair salon, Amma wonders if it is time for her to finally speak up.

Dir Abena Taylor-Smith. UK 2018. 8min

Film 8


A group of trans children discuss what it means for them to live an authentic life.

Dir Jake Graf. UK 2018. 5min

Film 9


In a quiet seaside town, a British-Iranian teen looks for a means to escape.

Dir Alice Trueman. UK 2018. 10min

Film 10

Batty Boy

Struggling with the threat of homophobia, a young black gay man searches for a place of acceptance.

Dir Blain Ho-shing, Dior Clarke. UK 2018. 10min

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