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Queering the Script

Explore the history of queer women on television and the various fandoms they inspired in this insightful and entertaining documentary.

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Dir Gabrielle Zilkha
Prod Steph Ouaknine, Alex House
Sales The Film Collaborative

Journeying into the cosplay-wearing world of lesbian fandom, Queering the Script examines the often-checkered history of how queer women have been represented on television in the past (bury your gays anyone?). And it shows what influence the fandoms of our beloved shows can have on the storytellers of today, particularly when they go viral with their demand for better representation. It kicks off at ClexaCon, the largest annual event aimed solely at queer fandom. Jam-packed with heartfelt and insightful interviews from both the fans and the creatives involved in the shows – including the Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless – the film explores what happens when you get LGBTIQ+ people in the writers’ room. It highlights how important positive representation is for marginalised audiences and, for the uninitiated, what ‘shipping’ actually means. It’s an absolute delight of a film and not to be missed.

Emma Smart

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