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Four very different Israeli teenagers, on the verge of military conscription, divulge the turning points in their transitions.

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Dir Hilla Medalia
Prod Hilla Medalia, Ronny Merdinger
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16 is a riotous age – full of promise and excitement, riddled with hormone explosions and petulance. Four teens let the cameras in to share a crucial juncture in the formation of their identities. Romy is a typical beauty queen, whose secular single mum tried to steer her away from femininity with orthodox school. Liron tried hard to be super girly before realising it was completely wrong for him. Noam is born into a religious family and wants to become a rabbi. And Ofri is a regular tomboy scout who always knew he was different. Director Hilla Medalia has been winning human rights awards for her deft handling of sensitive subjects. She scores again here, delving into her subjects’ lives and the impact upon them of the society they live in.

Zorian Clayton

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