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Wonders of the Universe

These funny, charming and original short films reflect queer female life in all its wondrous glory.

Emma Smart

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Total running time 84min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Knowingly Unknown, Dir Jin-young Lee

    Knowingly Unknown

  • Image from Leo & Alex in the Middle of the 21st Century, Dir Eva Libertad, Nuria Muñoz

    Leo & Alex in the Middle of the 21st Century

  • Image from Girl, Sweetvoiced, Dir Rebecca Shoptaw

    Girl, Sweetvoiced

  • Image from How to Live Your Life Correctly, Dir Xindi Lou

    How to Live Your Life Correctly

  • Image from Lone Wolf, Dir January Jones

    Lone Wolf

  • Image from 6:23AM, Dir Geoffrey Breton


  • Image from Dinner Date, Dir Isobella Hubbard

    Dinner Date

  • Image from I Know Her, Dir Fawzia Mirza

    I Know Her

Film 1

Knowingly Unknown

A single mother accepts her daughter isn’t just going through a phase.

Dir Jin-young Lee. South Korea 2019. 28min

Film 2

Leo & Alex in the Middle of the 21st Century

Leo y Alex en Pleno Siglo 21

Surely if you continually hook up with your friend, it means something is right?

Dir Eva Libertad, Nuria Muñoz. Spain 2019. 7min

Film 3

Girl, Sweetvoiced

Sappho’s poetry crosses the centuries to help two girls fall in love.

Dir Rebecca Shoptaw. UK-USA 2019. 9min

Film 4

How to Live Your Life Correctly

The story of a young couple in love, like you’ve never seen before.

Dir Xindi Lou. USA 2018. 20min

Film 5

Lone Wolf

A sleepover at her crush’s house leads to some strange discoveries for Sam.

Dir January Jones. Australia 2019. 7min

Film 6


That thing where you meet someone and you can just talk all night long.

Dir Geoffrey Breton. UK 2019. 4min

Film 7

Dinner Date

It’s hard finding ‘the one’ in this dating app age.

Dir Isobella Hubbard. UK 2019. 6min

Film 8

I Know Her

Realising you have a little more in common with your new lover than you thought.

Dir Fawzia Mirza. USA 2019. 3min

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