• Director

    Elene Naveriani

  • Producers

    Cornelia Seitler, Brigitte Hofer, Ketie Danelia

  • Screenwriters

    Elene Naveriani, Sandro Naveriani

  • With

    Bebe Sesitashvili, Gia Agumava, Megi Kobaladze

  • Switzerland, Georgia 2021. 114min

  • Language

    Georgian. With English subtitles

  • Production Company maximage

The village on the Black Sea coast where Moe’s grandfather committed suicide seems unremarkable. But as she spends more time there, she discovers that not everyone liked Eliko. The villagers are curious about her, and Moe’s androgynous appearance clearly marks her as an outsider in this community. Even when some people appear drawn to her and she feels increasingly welcome, Moe can’t shake an underlying feeling of unease. Friendly bartender Amnon, along with outsider Fleshka, offer friendship, but Moe feels the gaps in her knowledge about her grandfather require her to dig deeper into the past. An atmospheric and moving tale exploring small-town bigotry, Wet Sand is beautifully shot, features an excellent cast, and profits from a subtle and moving screenplay.

Contains scenes of homophobia.

Brian Robinson

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