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Welcome to This House

Barbara Hammer is back with her most eloquent film to date, about the Pulitzer prize-winning author Elizabeth Bishop.

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Director Barbara Hammer
Producer Barbara Hammer
Screenwriter Barbara Hammer
With Kathleen Chalfan (voice), Erin Miller, Barbara Hammer
USA-Brazil-Canada 2015
79 mins
Production company Barbara Hammer Productions

Bringing her unique vision and perceptive eye to the life and work of the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Elizabeth Bishop, Barbara Hammer once again delivers a riveting film that examines the intricacies of lesbian life. Exposing the anxieties around whether it is possible to create art without being completely honest about one’s self, Hammer journeys to the US, Canada and Brazil to talk with old lovers, friends and associates who knew the poet in order to understand who she was. Bishop’s own words are then juxtaposed against these interviews. Some of the poems used are of a more private, revealing nature and were published after her death. What emerges is a fascinating portrait of a brilliant, flawed artist and an important and eloquent document about art, life, love and being at peace with oneself amidst the clamour of a vibrant and occasionally hectic world.

Emma Smart

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