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We Are the Radical Monarchs

Activism is alive and well in this documentary portrait of a group of women who champion the importance of community.

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Dir Linda Goldstein Knowlton
Prod Katie Flint, Linda Goldstein Knowlton
Prod Co Ladylike Films

Queer besties and community activists Anayvette Martinez and Marilyn Hollinquest wanted to empower the young women of colour in their neighbourhood, by setting up a youth group. Instead of selling cookies, these girls march on LGBTIQ+ Prides; instead of learning to sew, they meet activists from Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter. We Are the Radical Monarchs follows the creation of this social justice radical troop and the blossoming of self-love. We also follow Martinez and Hollinquest as they struggle to keep Radical Monarchs alive alongside full-time jobs and limited funding. This joyous documentary is full of hope and inspiration to see the next generation of fierce confident young women more than ready to take on the world.

Tara Brown

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Please note, this film contains discussion of police brutality and murder.

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