The View from Here

Whether you’re in your teens or well into adulthood, coming out can be one of the most terrifying (and perhaps most thrilling) things you’ll ever have to do, as demonstrated in this poignant collection of short films.

Michael Blyth

An Afternoon

En eftermiddag

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Director Søren Green
Denmark 2014
9 mins

Mathias and Frederik hang out after school. But does Mathias have the courage to tell his friend how he really feels?

Morning Is Broken

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Director Simon Anderson
UK 2015
11 mins

At his older brother’s wedding, a young man struggles to deal with his sexuality.


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Directors Stephan Kämpf, Andreas Kessler
Germany 2014
8 mins

As they apply camouflage paint to each other’s faces, two soldiers explore an unspoken truth.

Stockholm Daybreak


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Director Elin Övergaard
Sweden 2013
7 mins

In the light of a new morning, two adolescent boys start to see each other in a whole new light.



Director Neil Ely
UK 2015
12 mins

A pair of ‘straight’ guys discuss their feelings in the cramped confines of a gay club toilet cubicle.

The Return

La retour

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Director Yohann Kouam
France 2013
22 mins

A teenage boy must make sense of the world around him after he learns the truth about his older brother.


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Director Leandro Tadashi
USA 2014
13 mins

On New Year’s Eve 1999, two young men worry about the future of their relationship.

Total running time 96 mins