• Director-Screenwriter

    Kevin Hegge

  • Producer

    Brian Robertson

  • With

    Judy Blame, Duggie Fields, Princess Julia

  • Canada 2022. 104min

  • Language


  • Production Company LOW END

Rising from the nihilistic ashes of the punk movement in the late 1970s, a fresh crowd of flamboyant fashionistas, who would later be christened the New Romantics, began to materialise on the streets of London. An elaborately styled, gender non-conforming response to the anarchist anti-fashion that preceded it, the New Romantics came dressed to the nines, be it for a night out on the town or just to pop down to the local shops. While so often remembered as a fleeting pop-cultural phenomenon, this invigorating documentary firmly positions the New Romantics as a multidisciplinary art movement, encompassing fashion, performance, music and film. Alongside this cultural re-contextualisation, director Kevin Hegge shines a long-overdue spotlight on some of the movement’s lesser-known pioneers (step aside Spandau Ballet), while proudly centring the LGBTQIA+ stories that are so often erased from history. A pulsating, provocative and bracingly queer celebration of art, community, creative resilience, with the world premiere screening in the city in which it all took place.

Michael Blyth

This film contains flashing images/strobing.

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