• Director-Producer

    Saeed Gholipour

  • Iran 2021. 71min

  • Language

    Farsi. With English subtitles

Iran is the only country in the region to recognise trans people (any other LGBQ+ identity is banned). Both Shervin and Samar offer a glimpse into what life is like for trans youth, who despite loving and supportive parents are forced to live covert lives, shy away from their neighbours and even consider emigration, in order to be who they truly are. One of the many heartrending scenes in this documentary features one of the boys, fully clothed on the beach and yearning to go swimming, while the other shouts at his parents, asking whether his father is also forced to wear a headscarf. This is Not Me is a detailed depiction of the legal and social labyrinth that promises a slim aperture of freedom.

Jay Bernard

Aged 16 to 25? You can book a £5 ticket to watch this film on BFI Player 16 to 27 March by signing up for a free BFI 25 & Under account.

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