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T/Here I Am

Take up space, stand your ground, have no fear of not fitting in – these shorts explore what it means to be a queer body in a strange world.

Jay Bernard

Black Is Blue

Black Is Blue

Director Cheryl Dunye
USA 2014
16 mins

A young homeless transman works as a security guard and is called to shut down a party his ex was rather enjoying.


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Director Fábio Freitas
Portugal 2014
12 mins

In a re-imagined Garden of Eden, two lovers must decide whether to continue their relationship.


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Director Yudho Aditya
USA 2013
12 mins

Sometimes you just have to say goodbye. A poignant, wordless exploration of a breakup.

On Your Feet, Woman!

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Director Evi Tsiligaridou
UK 2014
8 mins

Two women show us how hot it can be to go at it and wrestle each other to the ground. Hard.

Trucker Patti

Trucker Patti

Director Beau J Genot
USA 2014
14 mins

Patti discusses her transition and life as a trucker as she roars through the glorious American landscape.

Wham, Bam, Mr Pam

Director Nicolas Kazamia
USA 2014
24 mins

One of the few female makers of gay male porn gives us some insight into her unusual place within the industry.

Total running time 86 mins

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