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Suk Suk

Love blossoms unexpectedly for two older Hong Kong gents.

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Dir-Scr Ray Yeung
Prod Michael J Werner, Teresa Kwong, Sandy Yip, Chowee Leow
With Bo Tai, Ben Yuen, Patra Ga Man Au
Hong Kong (S.A.R of China)
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Ray Yeung’s third feature is a delicate tale that details the encounter between two Hong Kong residents. Pak is an energetic 70-year-old, who still races about the city as a taxi driver. Hoi, in his mid-sixties, is now retired. Both are closeted and live with their respective families, who know nothing of their other lives. We follow the course of their romance, which takes us into a world of older gay men, many of whom struggle with the idea of openness. There are important glimpses of the gay community going about everyday life, including a project for a gay old people’s home, a gay sauna and shared visits to a doctor. A moving drama detailing the challenges faced by older closeted gays, its celebration of Pak and Hoi’s relationship shows that love is not just the preserve of the young.

Brian Robinson

The introduction and Q&A will be BSL interpreted at the screening on Friday 27 March.

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