Films in this programme (Shams, FEVER) contain flashing images.

The Floating World

Step into the world of Korean host bars, where women buy sex from male companions.

  • Directors

    Fernando Souza, Pablo Curto

  • Producers

    Fernando Souza, Pablo Curto, Pablo Zorrilla

  • Spain 2021. 15min


The Protector

Against a backdrop of sectarian violence, can a gay Hindu man find the courage to help a Muslim?

  • Director

    Pradipta Ray

  • Producers

    Neeraj Churi, Arfi Lamba, Katharina Suckale, Kaushik Ray, Pradipta Ray

  • Screenwriters

    Ashutosh Pathak, Pradipta Ray

  • India-UK 2021. 17min


Old colonial tensions reach the surface when a Belgian woman’s Egyptian girlfriend disappears.

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Pauline Beugnies

  • Producer

    Laurence Buelens

  • Belgium-France 2020. 24min

Contains flashing images.


The struggle between responsibility and duty plays out in this lyrical exploration of martial arts.

  • Director

    Hetain Patel

  • Producer

    Sophie Neave

  • Screenwriters

    Hetain Patel, Insook Chappell

  • UK 2021. 23min


A family birthday party is not what it seems in this modern parable of race and relationships.

  • Director

    Angele Cooper

  • Producers

    Jeremy Feight, Meg Murthy, Cathy Ye, Daniel P. Calderon, James Cole Jr., Jason Cox, Rolando Breathwaite, Chenney Chen

  • Screenwriter

    Jeremy Feight

  • USA 2021. 20min

Total running time 99 minutes

Contains flashing images.

Jay Bernard

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